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How to start your journey?

  • Get your hands on a Frommee
  • Create an account
  • Register the unique code, add a treasure you'd like to share
  • Pass your Frommee on and follow its adventures
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Every Frommee is unique.
Create an account, register the code and send the Frommee on its journey.

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A treasure is your gift to the world.
Add a video or picture you like to the Frommee and watch other treasures users left for you.

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Explore the world.
Follow the journeys of your Frommees. Where are they now, and what will be their next destination?

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Connect with interesting people.
Frommees that you send connect you with new owners. Check out who they are and share your adventures together.

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All your activities on Frommees are linked with your passport.
View your amount of FrPoints, the countries your Frommees have discovered, the achievements you collected and many more.

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No Frommees yet?
Send us an email and we will send you a connection kit to get your journey started!

What can you do with Frommees?

Add Frommee to collection

Every Frommee is virtually different. By registering the Frommee you can add it to your account and discover its content.

Add treasure

A treasure is your Frommee gift to the world. Just add your favorite YouTube or Vimeo clips to a Frommee or upload a cool picture from your computer. What do you want to show the world?

Pass them on

Frommees love to travel. So once you have registered it and added a treasure, make sure to pass your Frommee on to someone you know. Or if you are feeling adventurous just leave it somewhere and see who will find it.

Follow your Frommee

The world is our playground. On the Frommees map you can follow the journeys of all your Frommees. See which countries they have reached.

Meet new people

Frommees are social by nature. So every person they encounter will be shown on your Frommees map. Get to know these people a little bit and see what they like.

Discover interesting content

Every time one of your Frommees gets registered it will obtain a new treasure for you to see. Frommees encourages everybody to share the best of the web and share all kinds of social media channels. Before you know it you have discovered and learned many new and exciting things.

Unlock achievements

Every adventurer wants to achieve something in his life. See how your Frommees are doing on their global adventure and unlock achievements for you. You will have a hand in unlocking many achievements yourself by exploring the Frommees site.

Why are we doing this?

Even though we love the online world, the best things are still happening in the real world. So why not combine them? Meet someone in the real world, give them a small token carrying all kinds of online fun and create a connection that could last a lifetime. We want to encourage you to keep on exploring new, cool, funny or interesting stuff.

We want you to get to know more people outside of your own social network. Some say that with the internet the world has become a village. We think it is still an immense world full of people you would love to meet, things you should explore and fun that is served best when shared. Frommees can connect you to that world, or even better you can connect Frommees to your world.

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